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How to Choose Fabulous Outdoor Furniture for Entertaining and Relaxing

Being outside is the Aussie way of life. We are often said to be a happy bunch as we get plenty of “ feel good” Vit D thanks to our Aussie sun and lifestyle.

Outdoor furniture can enhance our outdoor entertaining and with a little know how you can choose your outdoor furniture and style it like a pro designer!

The Sustainable and Eco-friendly options

It may come to no surprise that I’m not a big fan of plastic outdoor furniture. Sure they can have their place, are economical and durable (to a point) but…. they don’t tend to last long in our hot Aussie sun and become brittle if not stored away from direct sunlight.

From an environmental point of view to keep our landfill contributions down it is far wiser to choose wood, metal, or fabric products.

Before choosing outdoor furniture consider what you will use it for

*How many people do you need to cater for?

*Adults, children?

*Do you need to consider pets or larger animals?

*Casual dinning or something a little more formal?

*Will the furniture be in direct sunlight, near a pool or undercover?

*Style choices to compliment your home or other outdoor features?

*How will the furniture serve you?

*Is it for sit down eating, standing at the pool side bar?

*Lounging by the pool or a pretty spot under a tree?

Style choices

There are beautiful and practical tables and chairs available in a variety styles and weather hardy timbers, metal with timber, and fabric options for chairs and hanging chairs/ hammocks.

Not only do you need to choose what type of furniture fabrication is most suitable, you also need to consider size, colour and style. Look at the size of the area you have to put your furniture in, keep the furniture in proportion to the area in question.

Don’t put a large 8-12 seater table in a small space, and if you have a large area to work with, create zones for eating and sitting rather than put the table and chairs in the middle.

You want to create ambiance with the furniture, ease of movement and accessibility.

We are liking the simplicity of these outdoor suite and table setting. Clean lines with comfort and style while offering an enjoyable and practical solution for entertaining outside.

The outdoor beanbag comes in a variety of colours and can be used in a number of outdoor spaces, imagine sitting by the pool in one of these lovelies sipping your Mojito Mocktail. I just love the idea of the macrame swing chair for my Sunday afternoon relax with my favourite novel or design magazine!

See stockist list below

Styling your outdoor area

Now that you have chosen your furniture, you are happy with the style, functionality and suitability for the given area and needs, it’s time to have fun with styling your outdoor space.

With a little preparation and planning you will be styling like a designer!

Follow these tips to get you started on your styling journey

*Consider the ages of people using the space ? Do you need to consider breakages – eco-friendly plastic/ bamboo or wood products verses glass and ceramic options

*What style do you want for this area ? Casual, formal, kid friendly or adults only?

*Is the area exposed to the elements? Do you need a storage space for your styling items?

*What is your current outdoor colour scheme -what colour is the exterior walls? Trims? – it’s important to have cohesion in your colour scheme with the home, entertainment area, furniture and styling items. You want the areas to harmonise, not clash.

* Lastly is there a theme you would like to portray in this space? Tropical, Beach, Country, Hamptons, Californian beach bungalow? This is where you can get very creative – be sure to include the appropriate plants, colours and decor items to bring the whole look together!

Stockists for outdoor suite and table setting see Early Settler

Stockists for outdoor beanbags and macrame swing chair see their online store or Instagram account – “Outdoor Beanbags”

Please note this blog is intended as information only and is not intended for specific application. It is recommended that you seek your own advise when choosing products for your and your family’s safety.

All content is copyrighted by Sherri Smith Interiors. If you would like to share, reproduce, or distribute any portion of this blog, written consent is required.

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