Our Story

Sherri Smith Interiors is a boutique design service that was born from a desire to help people create healthy, beautiful and environmentally responsible interiors.

After experiencing allergy issues for our family members we realised there was a real need for being mindful on what elements we bring in to the family home, and what elements we need to eliminate. We see a great need in the community to help people with allergy issues, health conscious people and those who are passionate about helping our gorgeous planet regenerate. We believe helping the planet starts with the individual that then becomes a collective effort on a community level and eventually a country and global level.

We are passionate about helping you create a beautiful home that reflects your  personality, caters to your needs and cocoons you in a healthy environment that respects you and our precious Earth. A healthy and sustainable home does not need to be an expensive home. Making thoughtful and educated choices will bring great rewards that will last a life time.

At Sherri Smith Interiors we feel it is a blessing to be a blessing. We support charities through donating to Australian and International organisations that help children in need.  When you employ our services you are not only supporting a small family business, but are also contributing to the greater community. Ten percent of gross income is shared between a couple of different charities.

Follow our blogs as we present different facets of Interior Design and suggestions on how you can incorporate them in your home. Journey with us on this exciting adventure of  life and home.

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Yes you can create beautiful homes that are sustainable, health conscious and reflective of your unique personality and needs, and that is why Sherri Smith Interiors is here – to equip, guide and facilitate your gorgeous healthy home.

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