At Sherri Smith Interiors you can be assured of personal care and a customized design specifically created for your unique needs, after all it is your home and you are a one of a kind !

Here is a list of some of the services offered. Please phone, email or leave a message in the contact page for more detailed information for your specific needs.

All Aspects of  Interior Design

No project is too large or too small. The interior design services range from basic consultation all the way through to a completed design and implementation of the design ready for you to sit back and enjoy your new living space.                                                Room packages available.

Interior / Exterior Colour Styling

A personalised colour consultation can be done for the interior or exterior ( or both ) of your home. An onsite visit ensures the best possible colour match for your unique lighting and personal preferences. Colour is a fascinating aspect to interior design and with my help the guess work will be taken out of the equation and you will be left with a colour scheme to fall in love with !

Environmental Checklist

Unique to Sherri Smith Interiors is the Environmental Checklist. Born from a need within our own home and health needs, I have developed a service for people interested in creating healthy living spaces for themselves and loved ones including pets.

In today’s lifestyle there are many chemicals and allergy triggers. Having a helping hand to identify potential culprits can have a lasting positive affect on the home or work space.

Facilitating a holistic approach to interior design is the way of the future. Purposely creating a sustainable home, reducing chemical exposure and allergy triggers, and re purposing furniture gives one’s conscience a little holiday !