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Turn Your Home Into a Calm and Stress Free Space

Recently Mehnaz and I went live on Instagram to bring together our top tips to Eliminate stress and create calm in your home, we decided to create a blog for those who want the notes from the live or missed the live.

Floral Artwork by Mehnaz Khan

Mehnaz – Loving her Entry!

I love to keep my entry clean and tidy and give it a vacuum and mop every morning to clean up the water stains from snow and salt- we have a lot of shoes in our family of 5! When I get home from the school morning drop off and enter the home to a clean and tidy entry– it makes a huge difference to my energy levels for starting the rest of my working day!

Sherri-How to Declutter and get Organised

I believe the first step to any great decorating ideas is to declutter and get organised as it has a huge impact on how we feel about that space, about what we have to do for that day and peace for going to bed in the evening.

The first step to eliminating stress in the living room and entry (or any part of your home) is to remove any rubbish, old bits of paper, anything that does not have a purpose or is not wanted. Get organised, have a place for everything, use baskets for similar objects or things of a similar purpose and stores these baskets in an easy reach location. Once the children have gone to bed take five minutes at the end of each day to pack things away in their right place, this will have you going to sleep destressed and avoiding the overwhelm knowing your home is tidy and gives you a great start to the new day!

Sherri-Why house plants?

The Fiddler Fig front left, the Pathos hanging plant back right. Photo by “Mentatdgt” from Pixels

House plants have a number of fabulous benefits in our home, not only do they clean the air, they also help us feel connected to nature. When we connect to nature our senses come down, our heart rate comes down, and we feel more positive. Having the plants in the living room and in the entry bring your senses into that state of feeling relaxed!

The three favourite plants for the living room and entry are:

Parlour Palm, this plant is a great plant as it is very hardy and easy to care for and will live in high to low light levels, has plenty of growth and the height can be controlled by size of the pot it is living in.

Fiddler Fig is another great plant, it is very popular with large leaves and can grow quite high. It is very hardy and will tolerate a range of light levels. The Fiddler Fig would be lovely in the entry if you have plenty of room as well as in the living room.

Golden Pathos plant, a great option for a hanging basket option, again very hardy, and is very forgiving with watering and light conditions. 

Plants not only look great, connect us with nature and positively affect our feeling of wellbeing, they clean the air and can absorb chemicals and mould spores. It’s no wonder we love our plants! Give your plants a watering about once a week, keep them away from direct hot summer sun and enjoy!

Sherri – Essential oils for the living room

Essential oils work wonders on our senses!

Essentials oils are a wonderful natural choice for helping to create peace and calm or mental clarity and great conversation in your living area. Oils work on the scent sensory that directly connect to our brain.

Depending on what feeling you want in the living room, for example if you want fun lively conversations, or you are lacking energy and you have a lot to do, Citrus is your oil! You may like to choose between wild orange, lemon, or a blend with vanilla for example Citrus Bliss. Vanilla lifts the spirits and other great oils are Rosemary or peppermint both used for improving concentration.  

Pop the essential oil in your diffuser, there are a number of different types to choose from, and enjoy the beautiful scents that not only smell lovely but affect the mind and emotions.

If you want to bring the energies down, if you have had a hectic day, you will want to use a soothing and relaxing oil, something like lavender or chamomile. If you are experiencing some levels of stress or apprehension with your family try a blend of lavender and wild orange for a calming and sweet scent on the senses!

Mehnaz – Watch the contents on coffee tables with little ones about

When my daughter was young we had a situation where she grabbed a glass object from a coffee table and ran with it. Before I could get to her, she tripped and cut her hand – it was a very scary and stressful experience and made me very aware of the importance of keeping spaces kid friendly. “Sherri how can we create kid friendly spaces while being beautiful and well decorated”?

Sherri- How to decorate and keep the space kid friendly?

Children friendly spaces help keep your stress down. The green colours and plants help connect us to nature, another stress buster!

When you have little children about you don’t want breakables on coffee tables. Reduce your stress by keeping these areas kid friendly, keep your breakable items away from little hands and look at ways to bring in the beauty to your space through artwork on walls, scatter cushions and throws on the sofa in your choice of “Your calm colour”.

Don’t keep fresh flowers on the coffee table or dining table where little hands can reach them. Use floral artwork with flowers, as they are an object of beauty that help us feel connected to nature, bring down our stress levels and help us feel happy and bring a lot of joy to us.

Mehnaz – The colour psychology to choosing your perfect colours to reduce stress and create a welcoming entry

When thinking about using these colours we can paint a wall, choose artwork with our chosen colours or other décor items to add another layer to the approach to home decorating that are very robust and hardy for the general wear and tear with our children in the home. Art with flowers reduces anxiety and having artwork on the wall brings in your chosen colours. Having the art at eye level makes more of a difference than some other décor items at lower levels to the impact of your chosen colours in the space.

Mehnaz – How to choose “Your welcoming colour” in the entry

Go bold in the entry with your favourite welcoming colour

I recommend the entry is a great place to go bold as you are only in the entry for a short period of time and therefor the colour will not become to overpowering. You want to use warm welcoming colours – happy colours.

These happy warm colours also work well in an entry as they reflect light into what is often a darker area. Paint your walls or use your artwork with your chosen happy colour and it will bring a smile to your face. The entry has no rules as it is a small space and you don’t spend much time there – so go bold and have fun with your colour!

Reds will eventually become overwhelming and irritating and bring out adverse affects, but in the entry red is not an issue because you spend so little time there, so you are free to use any colour in the entry!

Mehnaz – Choosing “Your Calm Colour” in the living room

A pink sofa will add a soothing touch to your living room

In the living room one choice is to bring in light blues and green as they are mentally relaxing and very soothing. Because green is in the middle of the colour spectrum the wavelength is short and it is easy on our sense to view that colour. Green is very balancing and both green and blue connect us to nature. 

Another colour suggestion in the living room during stressful situations is a light pink. Light pink is great to bring down hyped up behaviour. You don’t have to paint all your walls in light pink, it could be bringing in some of your décor like a light pink sofa. Pinks are physically soothing. 

If your living area is an area where you like to entertain and have a lot of fun and communication bring in some yellow. Yellow evokes fun and joy and helps with having lots of conversations.

We hope this blog from our live on Instagram has been inspiring and we would love to hear from you, if you have found any of our tips useful or if you have any tips you would like to share with us.

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